We specialize in commercial and electrical engineering of any kind, but have an extensive product portfolio covering both commercial and residential projects.

Air-conditioning Works

Water Works

We provide air conditioner drip maintenance, Replacement of air conditioner, Installation of air conditioner, Cleaning of air conditioner - wall-mounted split air conditioner, Window type, Ceiling type split, Organ type split, Bathroom cleaning treasure, Various maintenance.

Power Engineering

General Maintenance of Commercial Buildings,Residential,Shops,Hotels,Dangerous Warehouses,electrical installations includes: Refitting plugs, Refitting lamps, Witching systems, replacing electrical boxes, Replacing wires, replacing MCB, Refitting air conditioners, Testing potential problems and providing solutions. We can all help you

Demolition and Restoration Works

We undertake demolition and restoration projects of home and office buildings, Including office buildings, Shopping mall floors, Homes, Factories, Wooden floors, Gypsum boards, Air-conditioning etc.

Whether it is to replace the faucet, Leak the water pipe, Repair the toilet, Replace the toilet, or remove the water pipe leak. We can help you